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Halomed up-to-date halogenerators and reliable technologies for effective salt rooms from the creators of controlled halotherapy.

“Halomed” is the world known name in the market of equipment for professional salt rooms and we aspire to be the most respected partner for salt therapy technologies worldwide.

Our offer – it’s a possibility to effectively and safely apply Halotherapy/HaloSPA methods in health services using the salt rooms with the quality dry salt aerosol. Halomed innovative halogenerators produce effective and safe salt aerosol dosing, measuring and controlling aerosol concentration in the air.

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Halogenerators for Every Need

For those who appreciate experience, quality and reliability Halomed offers three different models of halogenerators for health improvement and wellness:

HaloSPA-03 (new brand of HaloPrima-01) – reliable and economic. Qualitative controlled salt aerosol in every salt room for good competitive price.
HaloSmart-01 – The most advanced halogenerator for spas and wellness centers. More users functions, monitoring and register of session parameters, possibility to be controlled from tablet/smartphones (HaloSmart Net version).
HaloCompact-01 – A desktop or wall mounted device, designed for small salt rooms.

Choose between 3 different models


is the today’s “smartest” dosing halogenerator. HaloSmart is the best solution for health improvement in salt rooms; this is the modem compact device with 4″ touch screen (unique user-friendly HMI system) and the smartest interface for comfortable control of session parameters. HaloControl software from Halomed’s developers guarantees that the results created by the HaloSmart-01 replicate the hygienic and restorative atmosphere found in natural salt caves – or seacoast air on a dry, breezy day.

HaloSmart can be installed in the salt rooms up to 120 m3. To be installed outside salt rooms.

NEW high end salt aerosol system from Halomed! HaloSmart Net version is available: control of your salt aerosol system via smartphone/tablet, possibility of remote acess to your HaloSmart and checking log of  salt spa sessions, remote diagnostic by Halomed engineers, update of software.


– the best combination of “high effectiveness – reliability – economy”. HaloSPA ensures full control and keeping of pre-set salt aerosol concentration during a session. Compact device which is suitable for any type of salt rooms with volume up to 120 m3, to be installed outside the salt room.


is the most compact new generator of controlled salt aerosol for cabins, small salt rooms (up to 10 mq) in hotels, day spa, fitness and sport clubs, private houses.

HaloCompact can be located inside rooms and offers diferent variants of installation. It consumes only 15 ml of chemicaly pure salt NaCl. This small but efficient device guarantees right preset quantity of salt aerosol without overconcentration in small rooms and cabins. It’s portable and can be applied for seasonal salt rooms.

Halomed halogenerators – advanced salt aerosol systems at any salt room for the best effects!

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